Fun and Fitness For Your Furry Friend
                                                   Introducing Pawz For Fun
                             By Bonnie Adams, The Town Crier Staff Reporter

For many dog owners, their canines are not "just pets". They are beloved, valued members of the family who
more than earn their place in the family dynamic. But with owners more than likely working long hours away
from home, pooches sometimes experience slight anxiety and tend to get a little bored and lonely.

That's where Pawz for Fun comes in. A great new company specializing in fun for dogs, it has quickly
become the answer to many MetroWest pets (and their owners) dilemmas. As their philosophy states on
their website,, "It's the art of dog walking taken a step beyond!"

The company's President Jeffrey Williams believes that a socialized dog that gets plenty of fun and exercise
will be a more content, relaxed and behaved dog at home. Their philosophy is that daily exercise is vital to a
dogs' overall sense of well being and happiness.

Jeffrey is a refuge from the hectic corporate world. While employed at an engineering firm Jeffrey made the
decision to leave and follow his passion, which is working with dogs, ensuring their days are fun, safe and
playful. Jeffrey worked for a local animal shelter on a part time basis for a couple of years and then for
another dog play group.

"I went from a crazy, stressful environment, to working with these amazing animals every day!" Jeffrey said. "I
just love it!"
Jeffrey Williams, President
Two playgroups, with door to door service, are offered each day; one in the morning and another in the afternoon. This service really makes it convenient for
dog owners in that they needn't be home for pick up or drop off. Jeffrey picks up all the dogs in the company van and then brings them to Callahan State Park
in Framingham. Once there the dogs simply have a blast! Swimming, hiking, playing fetch and just plain old running around are on the agenda. Sometimes
they meet up with other play groups as well. After an hour or so of play, Jeffrey returns the pooped out pooches back to their homes. It's amazing watching all
the dogs follow Jeffrey wherever he may be, he doesn't 'act' as Pack Leader, he
is the Pack Leader and the dogs all know that quite clearly as is evidenced by
the respect and obedience shown Jeff by all the dogs in his pack.

The entire time, Jeffrey keep
s a careful eye on all the pups, making sure things are indeed fun and in control. It's apparent that Jeff and his team including
Judi Solot and his son Luke together with a handpicked group of dedicated employees truly love the dogs as evidenced by all the glowing testimonials posted
on their website.

"It's a major responsibility," Jeffrey said. "I am always aware of what's going on, monitoring the group, ensuring all is well."

"We really feel like we are providing an important and necessary service," Jeff added. "We are helping dogs and their owners become less stressed, making
for a happy home environment. We really enjoy the relationships that we have with all our clients, both human and canine. They are dog lovers just like us and
are giving their dogs a very special gift."

Pawz For Fun is based in Hopkinton and services clients in that community, as well as neighboring towns in the Metro-West area. They can be reached at

508-667-1758, or at
Happily serving the Metro - West Massachusetts communities, including the towns of Framingham, Ashland, Hopkinton, Upton, Sherborn and Holliston.
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                                          "I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult." - Rita Rudner

The most precious gift you can give your dog. Enroll your buddy in a playgroup today and watch as their lives              
improve, just like us humans, mentally, physically and emotionally. It's the art of dog walking taken a step beyond.

Contact us at:
Phone: (508) 667-1758