Fun and Fitness For Your Furry Friend

We would love to hear about your Pawz for Fun experience. Here’s just the beginning of what our clients have to say about Jeff (the
real dog whisperer)!!

The most hilarious thing to see each morning is the red “doggy” van pull up in front of my house. Tasha comes running down the stairs as fast as she can
when she hears the car. She would push the door open if she could, that is how excited she gets to see Jeff. My neighbors all laugh when they see the van
go down the street with all the dogs going off to their play group. Tasha has such fun running around the fields with her “doggy” friends. Some days Jeff will
just play “chuck it” with her which is one of her favorite games. When Tasha gets home, she is so tired that she usually sleeps for the rest of the afternoon.
We love it.
M. Schleck

Jeff is a lifesaver for our family. We just had a baby and it is difficult for us to exercise Emmitt, especially in the winter. Emmitt has a great time with Jeff and
the other dogs. He waits at the front door an hour before Jeff comes and also on days that Jeff doesn’t come. For some reason, our disobedient dog
suddenly becomes obedient with Jeff (maybe it’s because of the treats he keeps in his pocket). Anyway, Jeff is great with the dogs and Emmitt loves him.
Mary and Joe Rosen

Jeff is the greatest! I think he understands and cares about my dog almost as much as the kids and I do. Fly is always ecstatic to see Jeff, and Jeff seems
genuinely fond of Fly. Fly comes home from his romps tired and happy. I recommend Jeff to anyone lucky enough to live in his doggie zip code, and I wish
Jeff well in his business venture.
Elizabeth, Fly’s owner

Winston is a crazy, lovable black lab who needs to have tons of room to run and play, no matter what the weather is and especially no matter how busy we
are. That’s why Jeff’s business is essential to our family. Winston hears Jeff and his dog buddies come up the driveway and he bolts to the door. He can’t
wait to go to playgroup and neither can we! Winston is in trusting hands with Jeff. He has a blast and comes home a happy, tail wagging doggy!
Ronda Seifer

Our dog Ellie is shy and nervous around strangers, and we worried that she wouldn’t go out on walks without us, but she is totally happy going off each
morning with Jeff. Ellie has never been happier with her walks – she loves Jeff! Coming home from work to a dog who is well exercised and content is really
wonderful. Jeff is one of Ellie’s favorite people. He’s wonderful with her and understands her special personality. Jeff has completely won her over. She
runs to the door when he drives up, and can’t wait to go out and run around. In fact, Ellie is always eager to go, especially if Jeff scratches her tummy before
she gets in the van!
B. Goodson

Jeff has done such a great job of taking care of Tiger. Tiger waits at the window watching for Jeff to arrive and greets him at the door with his tail wagging
wildly and comes home from his run happy and tired. Jeff has been reliable through all kinds of weather and last-minute schedule changes. We don’t
know what we would do without him, he has just helped us enormously by taking such good care of Tiger!!
S. Madden

Thank you so much for taking Bailey to play with his friends. We know he’ll really miss you and all his buddies. I’ll have to find some way of wearing him out
at our new home. If you ever open up a service in the Duxbury area, please look us up!!
Thank you!
Michelle & Brian Maquire
                          "Dogs feel very strongly that they should always go with you in the car, in case the need should arise for suddenly
                                                        barking violently at absolutely nothing directly in your ear"
- Dave Barry

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